Chiropractic Helped Me!


Posted: May 10, 2017
By: Weissman
May 03, 2017
I was happy to get in so quickly. Very friendly environment. Everything was explained well to me -I didn't have any questions. Highly recommend. Thanks!


Posted: May 8, 2017
By: Weissman


Apr 26, 2017

I have been using the services of Dr.Mark. For over 20 years. His professional demeanor is above reproach.He has helped me and my family on so many occasions that l can,t begin to count them.Over the years l have recommended many of my friends to go to him and they always thanked me for doing so. If you need help to relieve your pain call Dr.Mark.

Buddy S.


Posted: May 3, 2017
By: Weissman

Dr Mark is a very caring professional who first will analyze your issues carefully and adapt the most convenient treatment to your needs. At the front desk, Cheryl is a nice lady completing a friendly and very professional team.

Daniel L


Posted: May 3, 2017
By: Weissman
May 02, 2017
As someone who has been seeing a chiropractor for 20+ years you can believe I've seen many different types of chiropractors over those years. Dr Weissman is one of the few that takes his time to look at you before he makes any adjustments. He likes to try to treat the problem and not just the associated symptoms. I am a tough case and have been for many years. Dr Weissman enjoys a bit of a challenge to keep him on his toes. I always joke "if my chiropractor isn't sweating or a bit fearful working on me, he's not working hard enough". Marc does a great job treating me which is why I still drive 30 min to see him. Plus, if I'm in pain the office usually does what they can to squeeze me in to help elevate that pain. This office is highly recommended!
Shone R

Patient testimonial

Posted: May 17, 2012
By: Dr Marc Weissman

Dear Dr Weissman:

Thank you so much for your recent adjustments that have helped my low back and neck. Immediately after the first adjustment, I noticed my neck could turn farther to the right than it had been (and I consider myself pretty flexible). The x-rays showed that my lumbar spine is twisted and after the second adjustment, I noticed that my low back was definitely making some changes. I recognize that I am not an easy person to adjust and I admire your patience with me.

My previous chiropractor moved back to New York in 2001 and I had not found a chiropractor that I felt comfortable with until now. I am so grateful that you are here and for the awesome work that you do. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!

Thank you so very much!


Chiropractic Success!

Posted: May 16, 2012
By: Dr Marc Weissman

I have never been to a chiropractor before, but when my husband made an appointment for both of to have a checkup I was shocked on how my spine was shifted. Then we decided to start corrective and preventative care. I loved Dr. Marc’s passion when she spoke about chiropractic care and the people that worked there as well. They are always very pleasant. As a result of us starting this care plan we have learned about nutrition and maintaining a lifestyle of well being.

Even though I have never had breathing problems, I have discovered that I can breath better after my adjustments.

I feel that I have gained a lot from the care that was offered us. Dr. Marc is wonderful.

If you decide to check out the office you will be very happy.



Chiropractic and Womens Health

Posted: May 14, 2012
By: Dr Marc Weissman

On May 23, 2011, a case study appeared in the scientific periodical, The Journal of Pediatric, Maternal & Family Health, documenting the case of a 21-year-old woman who had not had a menstrual cycle in 5 years, and was helped by chiropractic care.

In this case, a woman went to the chiropractor suffering from back pain and with a history of amenorrhea. Amenorrhea is described as an absence of a menstrual cycle for more than three months. In this case, the history noted that at the early age of 7, this girl started to have menstrual cycles. Her medical doctor treated her with Lupron injections, a drug used to stop menstrual cycles and the onset of puberty. At the age of 9, her medical doctor discontinued the treatment believing that the girl was old enough to start menstruation.

From the age of 9 until the age of 15, the girl's menstrual cycles were irregular and became less frequent, discontinuing at age 16. She did, however, have menstrual cramps without having a normal menstrual cycle. At that point, the girl was placed on oral contraceptives in an attempt to help regulate her cycle. However, the medication caused her menstrual bleeding to become extremely heavy. Additionally, the drugs negatively impacted her emotional state which eventually led to her discontinuing use of the medication. In addition to this, the woman also suffered a fall, injuring her lower back, which coincided with the total interruption of her menstrual cycles.

Upon going to the chiropractor, an examination was performed consisting of a postural evaluation, static and motion palpation, thermography, and surface electromyography. A determination was made that subluxations were present. Care was initiated consisting of regular specific adjustments for correction of the subluxations. As care progressed, the woman reported experiencing better posture, more energy, and improvement in overall health. Approximately 12 weeks into care, the patient reported the start of her menstrual cycle for the first time in 5 years.

Further examinations continued to show improvement with the woman's overall health. She reported a loss in weight, and the continuation of normal menstrual cycles. In their conclusion, the authors discuss how subluxations can have a detrimental effect on body functions including reproduction. They stated, "This case, as well as the reviewed literature, shows that chiropractic may play a beneficial role in reproductive health."

Neck Curvatures Improved with Chiropractic According to Study

Posted: May 11, 2012
By: Dr Marc Weissman

A study published in the January 19, 2012, issue of the scientific journal the Archives of Vertebral Subluxation Research shows that specific chiropractic adjustment techniques cause positive changes in neck curvatures. The authors of the study begin by noting, "There has been an increasing amount of attention in the literature on the role of spinal structure and the affects on neurology, health, and physiology."

Researchers note that either a reduction, loss, or reversal of the normal cervical curvature, as seen on a side x-ray of the neck, is associated with problems, including ADHD, otitis media, respiratory problems, headaches, neck pains, sinus infections, scoliosis, and spinal degeneration. Additionally, researchers point out that the strength of a spine is dependent on having normal curvatures.

In this study, 51 chiropractic patients were included in a retrospective analysis. All participants had to have been under chiropractic care long enough to have a follow-up side neck x-ray taken. The average number of visits for patients in this study before follow-up post-x-rays were taken was 12, with the average time frame being just over ten weeks. The results showed that the average correction of cervical curve for all patients in this study was 56.76%. Seven of the patients in the study reached a maximum improvement by the end of the analysis, while five cases showed a maximum improvement after only one specific chiropractic adjustment.

The study authors noted that the results of this study were attained without any use of traction, exercises, therapy, or rehabilitation, thus ruling out other cofactors having an influence on the results. They also reported that, "One hundred percent (of patients) had some degree of positive change towards lordosis (normal forward neck curve) or a decrease in kyphosis (harmful reversal of neck curve)."

Chiropractic Success!

Posted: May 8, 2012
By: Dr Marc Weissman
Mucho thanks to Dr. Marc and his staff at Mercado Chiropractic. Today I can actually turn my head without wincing or shedding a tear. Haven't been able to do that in 4 days. Thanks guys! You RULE! 

Katie Halle