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Mercado Chiropractic

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Scottsdale, AZ 85258

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Tri-Core Cervical Pillows – available in adult and child sizes. $40 - $45

SitBack Rest Lumbar Pillow – helps maintain proper posture for long trips. $40




Dorsal Vest – Helps to stabilize the thoracic spine and straighten slumped shoulders.  $40

Wrist Guard – Various styles for various conditions i.e. carpal tunnel, sprain/strain. $15- $30

Maternity Support - Provides support to the lumbar spine and hips for the mother-to-be.  $80


Pain Relief:


Biofreeze Topical Gel – Contains herbal extract for longer and more effective relief. Excellent! $12

Professional Cold Pack – High quality cold pack that conforms to body contours. Assorted sizes.

Moist Heat Packs – Delivers soothing and effective moist heat therapy. Assorted sizes.

Boo-Boo pack – Reusable cold pack just for kids. Bear shaped. $15

Sombra - Natural Pain Relieving Gel. Deep Heating Relief. $12.00




Dyna-Flex Gyro Exerciser – Aids in prevention of repetitive strain injuries and carpal tunnel. $25

Cervical Traction – Restore proper biomechanical curve of cervical spine. $50


Custom Orthotics: (Please speak to the doctor for details)


Orthotic Insert – Insert for any style shoe that help to correct foot, knee or low back dysfunction.

Orthotic Sneaker – Athletic style with orthotic built right into the shoe.

Orthotic Sandal – Stylish yet functional!