September 24, 2012
About 4-5 months ago I noticed a sharp tingling pain in my lower back that ran down my leg. The pain was unbearable, especially when I would drive. After doing some research I thought I might be suffering from Sciatica. My first thought was to call a doctor or specialist, but I did not want pain medication, MRI's or surgery. I wanted another option. Instead I took the suggestion of a good friend of mine, who had been seeing Dr. Weissman for a while and gave him a great recommendation, and said he had helped him. I had never been to a Chiropractor before, so I was a little tentative. But, I gave it a chance and went to see Dr. Weissman. My initial x-ray films showed a 34mm pelvic imbalance, which to date is his record case. In other words I was in pretty bad shape, but not out of the realm of his correction. We entered a 3-month, 3 times/week care plan, complete with adjustments, stretching and a couple of exercises to do at home. After a month I began to notice a difference as my pain level dropped from an 8 to a 2 (10 being the worst). And I thought to myself, Chiropractic works! This is amazing! I continued the rest of my treatment over the next 2 months and my pain level today is unnoticeable. My pelvic imbalance went down 9mm to 25mm, which is great! And my neck gained back some of its natural curvature with a 10 degree adjustment. I feel great!! We continue to work on getting my pelvic imbalance down further with a couple of adjustments a week and I just ordered a pair of spinal/pelvic orthotics to wear in my shoes. I can only imagine the results over the next few months will continue to improve as my health continues to improve exponentially. You can't put a price tag on your health, but I found Mercado Chiropractic very affordable considering other medical bills. They have a great office staff and massage therapist. I would suggest to anyone unsure about Chiropractic care to give Dr. Weissman a call and see what he can do for you. I have experienced great success with his care and I hope you do too! Wishing you well...
-M B (32 years old)
 Phoenix, AZ Area

I am a grateful and appreciative patient of your group. Your expert care has seen me through two hip replacements and several epidural spinal injections. All were handled with the finest and most expert care.

With all the expertise of your staff, I still continued to experience excruciating lower back pain due to an osteoarthritic condition. Two years ago, I was one week away from taking the huge step of lower-back surgery. I understood the risks, but the pain was not tolerable. I could not exercise and was headed toward a sedentary life.
Before agreeing to the surgery, I took the advice of a friend and consulted with Dr. Marc Weissman, DC, a chiropractor in the Scottsdale area. (480) 661-7000. For three months, I underwent an extensive treatment schedule (three times a week). I expected nothing, but was desperate for relief that did not involve strong painkillers or surgery. After three months of treatment, the back was completely gone.
Two years later, I am happy to report to you that I am totally pain free, fully active with an exercise program and a respectable golf handicap.
The reason for this letter is not to disparage your quite excellent treatment of my condition. On the contrary, I would recommend your services to anyone as well as Dr. Weissman. That is my point.
Today I asked Dr. Weissman if he referred patients to MD’s. He said, “All the time. I refer primarily to orthopedic surgeons and podiatrists on a weekly basis”. I then asked if he received any referrals back and Dr. Weissman replied, “Never”. I am shocked that this is the case. It must be purely political, but I would hope that on an individual basis, MD’s would, in the interest of the patient, refer to a qualified doctor such as Dr. Weissman where appropriate. You (and my insurance company) referred me to a physical therapist. Had a chiropractor been included in the referral, my recovery would have been complete at that time. The quality of my health (and life) would be diminished without both your expert care and Dr. Weissman.
Very truly yours,

May 3, 2006

Dear Dr Weissman:

Thank you so much for your recent adjustments that have helped my low back and neck. Immediately after the first adjustment, I noticed my neck could turn farther to the right than it had been (and I consider myself pretty flexible). The x-rays showed that my lumbar spine is twisted and after the second adjustment, I noticed that my low back was definitely making some changes. I recognize that I am not an easy person to adjust and I admire your patience with me.

My previous chiropractor moved back to New York in 2001 and I had not found a chiropractor that I felt comfortable with until now. I am so grateful that you are here and for the awesome work that you do. Thanks for sharing your talent with the world!

Thank you so very much!
Sandra Frey

Before coming to Mercado Chiropractic I greatly suffered with extreme headache and lower back pain. Then I came to Dr. Marc. He took my headaches away and gave me a back brace to wear for comfort. I now look forward to going on my weekly visit for his “soothing” touch.

Lara H.

I'm taller, I'm taller

I have always told others that on a good day I am 5 foot 5 inches tall. Truth of the matter is that I am 5 foot 4.5 inches tall; 5' 5" was just wish full thinking until recently. Yep I really am taller, 5' ¾”.

I started coming to Mercado Chiropractic because of headaches. Some days my headaches were just enough to be a bother while other days they were impossible to deal with. Yet since working with everyone here not only are my headaches gone my posture has improved greatly thus making me

1/4 “ inch taller and all of those nasty aches and pains are so much better.

Everyone in the office is concerned for my health as they will be for yours. Let's review the office staff:

First we have the most important person; Jennifer. Jennifer "Office Princess" will greet you with a friendly smile, schedule your appointments, set up your traction (you'll love this) and give you a hard time when your late,too early or just when she know you well enough.

Then off to the massage therapist, who is AWESOME!

Everything from helping a headache to helping you relax and get rid of the stress.

Then there is Dr. Mark (Mr. Magic Fingers) what a great adjustment he will give you. Kind, gentle, relaxing, soft spoken (can you tell I have not had my adjustment yet?). He is great to work with and will always make you feel welcome.

I have seen several Chiropractors in the past, not one being so concerned to my overall health. Sure other offices maybe closer to my home or work, but I truly fell that I have been given the best there is to offer from everyone here at Mercado Chiropractic.

What an inviting office, I can't wait to come in again!

Betty Martz 46 years old

I have never been to a chiropractor before, but when my husband made an appointment for both of to have a checkup I was shocked on how my spine was shifted. Then we decided to start corrective and preventative care. I loved Dr. Marc’s passion when she spoke about chiropractic care and the people that worked there as well. They are always very pleasant. As a result of us starting this care plan we have learned about nutrition and maintaining a lifestyle of well being.

Even though I have never had breathing problems, I have discovered that I can breath better after my adjustments.

I feel that I have gained a lot from the care that was offered us. Dr. Marc is wonderful.

If you decide to check out the office you will be very happy.


A. Figueroa


In the past we have shared with you some of the encouraging thoughts of our patients. Below is just one more testament to chiropractic and the effects it can have on the lives of our fellow human beings.   

Hey lets analysis this...... 


I made it, and I am proud of all my adventures in life. Sure I took advantage of my body, enjoyed downhill skiing, jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, white water rafting, and lately tae kwondo The real kicker is I am only 54 years old, and after several adventures my young body needed some professional adjustments. Three years ago I couldn't move my head more than about 20% to the right or to the left side. I went to our HMO, and they said, "We will have to operate on your neck". Second opinion...NO! I came in and went through a program of getting my body back to a 100% movement through being adjusted. It's great to have my body back so I can enjoy more of my lifes new adventures. 


Scott Adamson

I haven't really suffered with low back pain, but occasionally I have a sore back due to lifting wrong or playing to hard. My wife had been coming to Dr. Marc for about six months with her chronic back pain and has had a great deal of relief. I'll be honest, I thought chiropractic care was smoke and mirrors and quackery. I had a bad experience when my sciatic nerve in my back went out five years ago and that had validated my thoughts because of the medieval way in which I was treated. My wife finally talked me into coming to see Dr. Marc to get checked up. I have had a change of opinion about chiropractic care. Dr. Marctakes away the pain. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly, which helps my understanding of the craft. Thank you Dr. Marcand thanks to your staff.

Eric Peterson
(Former Skeptic)

{C} {C}

After teasing Dr. Marc for weeks about the "Fear Not" herbs, Jessica added (on my last visit) that she, too, was taking "Fear Not", and that she really liked it. In fact, she was so anxious for me to try "fear not" that she gave me some of hers. There is just one word described to what you feel... unbelievable! The best way to described the effect of "fear not" is to imagine yourself in the most relaxed, focused, centered and grounded place you've ever experienced mentally and physically and you'll be imagining the "fear not effect". I take it with me everywhere I go now. You know just like your American Express... you won't want to leave home without it.  

Bernafaye Bowhan

I first came to see Dr. Marc with sudden severe pain in the cervical area. I had extreme difficulty turning my head side to side and up and down. I had overall difficulty with upper body movements and general discomfort.

I am very pleased with the care that I had received. Every time I come in for treatments I am greeted by smiling faces and I am promptly taken care of. The treatments, which there are a variety of, are very effective.

Although this has occurred before, I have never had such a quick resolution. On the first visit my pain was drastically reduced. I now have complete freedom of movements and no limitation on any of my activities. After receiving care at Mercado Chiropractic I am much more comfortable physically. I don't hesitate to do anything. I am much happier pain free.

Thank you Dr. Marc and staff,
Bryan D. Poth

I had a lot of pain in my neck and upper body. That pain has dramatically decreased, and is almost all gone. If it were not for the nature of my job the pain would be gone completely.

I had a lot of chronic pain in my upper middle back and now I have none. I am so pleased to be able to live pain free. When I do injure myself I know I can get better within the couple of visits.

One of the things that I like most about coming to Dr. Marc’s office is that each experience is always personalized. I especially like the adjustment and massage.

Bernafaye Bowhaye

When I originally came to see Dr. Marc I had numbness and tingling pain in my hands, wrists as well as soreness in my neck and back.

When I came into the office, I am treated with tender loving care. I see lots of smiling and friendly faces that say "we're glad you're here

After my adjustments I feel so much better. When I wake up the following morning, I wake up with as much pain and numbness which allows me to function better.

Thanks Dr. Jeri
Alice Dowd

I originally came to see Dr. Weissman for severe pain and stiffness in my neck and back.

Since I have come to see Dr. Weissman I don't have the stabbing pain and I no longer need to take aspirin. I have been feeling a lot better since coming to see Dr. Weissman for treatment. He is very knowledgable, professional and most important he is caring and takes a personal interest in his patients. He has a talent and skill for knowing and applying the proper therapies according to the needs of the patients.

Thank you Dr. Weissman,
Donna Heil

For many years I have been suffering from a condition called Psoriatic Arthritis. With this disease I develop painful and severe rashes and scaling of my skin all over my body. I was told my only option to control this disorder was to take medication that could have serious effects to my liver. I was desperate to have relief so I submitted to the drug.

After taking the drug for a few months I went to my doctor for a blood test to see if the drug was effecting my liver. The results said that my liver was being destroyed due to the medication and I needed to stop taking the drug. The doctor also told me that the damage was permanent.

After telling Dr. Marc about my problem she recommended an herbal supplement called Cleansing Formula by Tiahuanaco Guardians. She told me that this herbal combination would help my body naturally detoxify my liver. Recently, I went back to my M.D. for a follow up blood test and the results were amazing!!! The doctor said that my blood levels were normal and that he could not explain why this happened!

Thank you so much
Beverly Hoffman

I've always had problems with my back, and about a year ago, I was out walking with my dog, "Sport". I stopped on to get a business card, and everyone was so friendly. We talked about insurance, and they answered my questions, so I decided to give Mercado a try.

I was so pleased (and still am) with Dr. Marc goes over everything with me, and explains things I don't understand. I really appreciate the time she takes with me, and not only has she relieved me from a lot of pain, she has given me knowledge about my specific back problems.

Everyone here has been so helpful and kind. I'm really glad that I made that stop a year ago. My back is much better and it's nice to be pain free!

Thanks Dr. Marc staff!
Brenda Larson

I first came to Mercado under the suggestion of my massage therapist. I had been seeing her for severe pain, tingling and numbness in my right arm in addition to muscle tenderness and spasm in my upper back that restricted my motion. My symptoms were present over 90% of the time. I was desperate to get out of pain!

One of the first things that I noticed was that the doctors and staff really seemed to care about the whole person. I was very impressed with the knowledge of the doctors and their ability to explain the "whats and whys". The office was very well managed and the staff was friendly and caring.

The pain in my arm is now present only 10% of the time. I was afraid that I was going to need another surgery to fix my problem. I have also learned methods to relax and do exercises that help put my body back in shape. I have more energy, less stress (or should I say- my body is handling stress better) I can move better in general and my body seems to be more in line and functioning better.

Linda Eddy

Case History: Patient presents with Bells Palsy (One sided facial paralysis)
Initial Visit: 6/8/00
Date of Testimonial: 6/14/00 (Three chiropractic adjustments. Patient had almost 100% resolution of symptoms.)

The following is a recent patient testimonial that demonstrates the power of Chiropractic and the human body.

"Thank you! What a big difference. My neck pain went away in two visits and my Bell's Palsy improved dramatically. I appreciate your prompt attention to my problems. And I really appreciate your candor and professionalism.

I feel I will be like new before I know it. Now all I need to do is lose weight."

Thank you so much,
Stuart Little

Two years ago, without any injuries or introductions, I experience a severe back pain. The pain stiffness was so bad the evening the simple act of breathing became difficult. Then I came to the office and Dr. Marc Weisssman started examining me. Later, the x-rays indicated many problems with my neck, spine, and hips. Dr. Marc explained my situation and recommended the best type of treatment. Healso was very helpful and considerate and put me on a payment plan that best fits me.

After the initial adjustment, I felt like a new person. It was like wearing glasses for the first time; you experience your environment with a new perspective. Suddenly, more air is entering my lungs. I am no longer walking facing the floor. Basically, I am started to regain control of my own body.

The staff at Mercado chiropractic is fantastic. Dr. Weissman is excellent on both the professional and personal levels. I recommend them to everyone... at Mercado Chiropractic you always leave with a smile on your face.

Mohammad Al-Radwan

When I first came to see Dr. Weissman, I felt as though I was a healthy person and I was looking to maintain my health through a natural wellness program. As a national fitness competitor, I am very aware of my body and I know that the smallest imbalances can be the difference between winning were losing.

As a result of receiving chiropractic care, I have found that not only have I maintain my health and feel great but I have also notice a tremendous change in my performance abilities. My increased agility and flexibility have been very noticeable. I get more results at each of my workouts and even my endurance has increased to an impressive level.

Thank God for chiropractic! It has not only giving me an edge over the other competitors but it has made my lifestyle so much healthier. As an athlete and valuable to perform without worrying about how my body will be affected long-term because I know that chiropractic has made me less prone to injury while increasing performance on a daily basis.

Thank you Mercado chiropractic!

Nita Wilson
AZ State Champion 1999

“How my Chiropractor Change My Life”

Hmmm…as I ponder the question of how chiropractic care has affected me, I think about how I have felt and lived my life as little as six months ago. I am a divorced mom of two incredibly active teenagers who has had a horrible health history that includes, but is not limited to, lupus, obesity, high blood pressure, tumors, kidney blockages, gall bladder attacks, severe back and neck injuries, along with multiple surgeries. After picking up a coffee at Starbucks, I noticed the sign on Mercado Chiropractic’s door that proclaimed a massage therapist. Being in constant pain, I found that sometimes a good massage gave me some relief, so I walked into the office and met Cindy.

“Of course you can schedule a massage,” she warmly smiled at me, “but let Dr. Marc take a look at you too. I promise it will be worth your while.” Since she was so nice, and gave me a coupon for the initial consultation, I decided that though I had long felt the chiropractic health care was out there with UFO’s and New Age crystals, I would go through the consultation just to see what Dr. Marc had to say. After all, I had been to many, many doctors, even Mayo’s, and was taking all the medications and pain treatments they had prescribed. I felt that the medical community had treated me with great care and that, as poorly as I currently felt, and as expensive as all the medications were, that this was the best I would ever feel and move. I might as well try it; what did I have to lose?

Dr. Marc took X-rays, and had me fill out forms and questionnaires, then handed me over to Cindy, who placed me on this vibrating rolling warming table. Next Torrence, with his miraculous fingers, worked over my soft tissue. Then Dr. Marc adjusted me, gently, because my entire body was one big mass of inflamed sinew and bones. The next day I could barely move. I was so sore, but I was, for some strange reason, full of energy. I decided to go back because Dr. Marc, Cindy, and Torrence had been so nice to me – and because, though I still hurt, I had been able to get out of bed a little easier.

So I showed up for my next appointment. Everyone was glad to see me and that made me feel welcome. I went through the rolling table (I want one of my own), the massage with the magic fingers, and pop/crunch sounds of adjustment. I felt cared for and helped. Dr. Marc explained that I may hurt more in the beginning, especially in the muscles, but if I kept up my treatment, he promised, things would get better. OK, I thought, “No pain, No gain,” I was there because I was hurting already, and just the little treatment I already had was giving me more energy. Then Dr. Marc suggested that I do a liver cleanse due to all the drugs that I had been taking for my lupus, asthma, arthritis, etc. (The drugs were chemotherapy drugs like Methotrexate, Immuron, Plaquinil, etc. I also took lots of Oxycontin, Oxycondone, and Naproxen to handle all my pain, as well as asthma medicines such as Predisone, and Arbuteral.) OK, I thought, again, I’ll follow his suggestions; after all “the cleanse” is cheaper than most of my prescriptions and my digestive system was always hurting from all the medicines. Maybe, just maybe, all this adjusting, this cleansing, and these supplements would help. They certainly hadn’t so far and I was already feeling some relief.

Let me explain just how I was doing… I was feeling like life was not worth living anymore…really. I was always exhausted, I always hurt- a lot - and I felt that I couldn’t even be a good parent; which I felt, was my most important job. I had gotten to the point that I began to feel that my best gift to my children, and the planet, was my removal from it. No one would miss me but my pharmacist, and he had just retired.

Because I am a woman of my word, I continued the rest of the week, and then the rest of the month, to keep my chiropractic appointments. Dr. Marc, Cindy, and Torry noticed my depression and recommend that I seek treatment. I did, but I also continued my regular chiropractic care. For a while, especially after a longer massage, I got sorer, but I noticed that I had more energy and less deep pain, so I kept going. The sense of welcome and happiness simply to see me lifted my spirits enough to notice that not only my body, but my mind was feeling better. I mean really better.

By the end of a mere 2-3 months of going to Mercado Chiropractic, I have basically been healed. OK, I know it sounds like a white tent cure, but it is true. I have gone from spending over $700.00 per month on medications to spending $105.00. I can get out of bed, shower, dress, and hit Starbucks in less than hour. Yes, there are still days that the lupus or the asthma still acts up. But those days are getting fewer and fewer. I also just happened to notice that I haven’t even had to fill any pain prescriptions for the month of May at all.

Hmmm, going to the chiropractor, feeling worthwhile, lots less daily pain, oh, and getting to regularly be with people (Dr. Marc, Cindy, and Torrence) who actually care about me… that’s a no brainer. Chiropractic care from Mercado Chiropractic not only made me feel younger and more alive, it has probably actually prolonged my life. The quality of my life has been remarkably enhanced by reduction of medications that my organs have to process and by allowing my body to heal itself because it is aligned the way it was meant to be. As someone who has experienced lots of ongoing treatment from highly rated doctors and medicines, I think the best thing that ever happened to status of my health was that I walked into Mercado Chiropractic.

Phyllis Meyer